Cyber scratchy sock

I spent so much time reading, blogging about, and generally being upset over the whole Blue Moon Fiber Arts situation that I didn’t get much work done on the mohair hat yesterday. (I made up for it this morning when Jack woke up at 4am from his Big Sleep, but that’s another story. Maybe after I get some sort of nap.)

mohair hat 2

By the way, here is the section where I joined the yarn by knitting two strands at once. The only way I found it was by feeling around and remembering how far away it is from the beginning of the round.

mohair join

Yeah. It’s right….there. Or there. Or maybe over…there? But I did haul out the World’s Scratchiest Socks and document them just as they are.

scratchy socks 1

scratchy socks 2

They’re not the greatest pictures in the world, but I think you can see the texture of the yarn and appreciate how tempting it would be to finish this sock and send it to the manager, branch vice president, or CEO of Blue Moon’s former bank.

But I’ve had more time to think about it now. Today I’m much more inclined to reward the new bank with un-scratchy socks as soon as I get good at making them. Or I might make some nice socks and send them to Blue Moon. They can hang ’em up in the store, send ’em to charity, whatever they want to do. At that level, it’s their fight.

And of course, as soon as the old bank’s name is revealed, most likely in the Oregonian today or as part of legal action taken against them, I don’t deal with them again. Ever. Whether they were malicious towards businesses owned by women (I have one myself and am now a lot more wary), lazy, ignorant, or just plain foolish, they aren’t people I am willing to give my money to.

A smart bank at this point would consider working with a needle/yarn group to create a custom credit card (goodness knows everyone else has one), or just offer knitting as a background pattern on a credit card. What a way to tell your customers, “We get it. We understand knitting and yarn and you, and we won’t treat you like a meth lab when your business does very very well. By the way, we know you spend a buttload of money on yarn each year, and we’re cool with that.”

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  1. Hi there, if you’re using Knitting from Your Stash rules from Wendy and L-B, SOCK YARN DOESN’T COUNT! I saw your comment in YH and Blue Moon STR wouldn’t count as breaking the fast.

  2. I stand corrected! But I want to finish my WSS first before I start a sock with a heel, which will be more worthy of Blue Moon STR. Plus, I went through my stash and found three other choices for sock yarn (which I had almost forgotten about).

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