Don’t tick off the people with the pointy sticks

By now most knit-blog readers have probably heard of the bank that dropped Blue Moon Fiber Arts because they suspected that their successful Sock Club was some kind of scam. (If you haven’t, you can read the full story here.) BMFA has found a bank with brains and Sock Club 2007 will continue.

In the meantime, why not support BMFA by ordering sock yarn or a pattern or two? They’re having an especially hard time right now because in addition to the shopping cart on their web site being down, they’re in the middle of a snowstorm that has put at least 6 inches down. Of course, the phones are ringing off the hook as outraged knitters want to place their orders. And Sock Club members who signed up last month have to sign up all over again.
So order by mail or space yourselves out, please, but do let them know you respect their class and dignity by simply taking their business to, as I said before, a bank with brains. We’re all eagerly awaiting the disclosure of the first bank’s identity so we can write letters and cut up credit cards, but there’s always the chance that BMFA doesn’t want to reveal that information.

Feel free to comment here with messages of support, or tell me what you ordered from Blue Moon!

I’ll go first: I ordered Central Air. How about you?

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  1. Remember sock yarn doesn’t count in the “knit from stash”. Well, at least it doesn’t count for Wendy! I can’t believe the idiocy of that bank! I’ll definitely be supporting Blue Moon, even though sock yarn IS included in my “knit from stash” rules. I made myself some other exception rules, though. This has gotta be in the category of “exceptional circumstances.” Geez!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for alerting the Oregonian. I was going to do that, but I read more of the Harlot’s comments and saw you already had done so.

    And if you don’t want to go on a yarn diet, Lime & Violet is having a sock marathon, no diet needed 😉

  3. I ordered a skein of Scottish Highlands (*sigh*) and the Cedar Creek pattern.

    She did mention that The Oregonian had called her already, and that they will be very behind on orders because they are SLAMMED with outraged knitters calling in.

    Isn’t it great?!

  4. Hey Remember sock yarn doesn’t count.

  5. No order yet, as I have to look at the budget and see if I can juggle enough, dammit. (Fixed income.) But I did post a nicely sarcastic pissed-off post on my blog. [eg] I don’t have much of a readership, but hope it’ll spread the word at least a little more! More thanks for you getting in touch with The Oregonian, and Mindy, thanks for your update in above comment, too. That’s great!

    When I can buy, I’m leaning towards Chapman Springs. I used to live 7 miles from Scappoose, over the hill from the wide spot in the road BMFA probably named that colorway after. 😉 Or Pink Granite. Or Seal Rock. Or– Yeah. Better start saving.

  6. I did my part and wrote about it in my blog. I’m off to buy something from BMFA. =)

  7. I just sent it in to the Consumerist. they’re pretty good at covering stuff like this.

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