No weaving?

Last night I got the chance to try out a new (non)finishing technique I read about on the Internet. Unfortunately (as these things happen) I don’t remember where I was when I read it. But somewhere on a discussion board, knitters were sharing different techniques they had learned, and someone said, don’t weave in the ends, just knit them in. I can see how it might be a lousy suggestion for super bulky yarns, but since I was nearing the end of a ball of mohair, a little part of my brain exploded, and I wanted to try it.

I couldn’t treat the yarn ends the same way I had before, because then I would have two ends to knit in. So when I was getting really close I just overlapped them by about five inches or so. I tried to rub them together, which didn’t really work, but the tremendous amount of fuzz worked like a gentle Velcro, and I didn’t have to hold them together. When the new end came up to the stitch, I just pinched the strands together and kept knitting. After a few stitches they were firmly bound together, and sooner than I thought, I found myself knitting with a single strand again.

Not long afterwards, I had to tend to the baby and shut everything down for the night, though, so I haven’t had to knit and purl through those double strands yet. But I like this technique already. No knots. No weaving in later. Hooray!

I only had two skeins/balls (what do you call it when the yarn is looped in a small circle and the band is wrapped around one half of it?) of this yarn, so it’s just knitting (and purling) away to the end, and weaving in my cast-on and bind-off tails. But I can handle that. Especially because it will mean I’m done with this project and can move on to other things. I’d really like to learn how to make socks this year.

In family news, my 4 year old daughter decided last night that she would help me do the dishes. We had a really good time! Any thoughts on how I can encourage this kind of behavior in the future?

In chocolate news, I sort of fell off the wagon yesterday. I had a bite-size candy bar while I was at the car insurance place, and last night when Jack was Sleepless in Stevens Point we both had some chocolate chip cookies. But it’s back to bread and water today as I keep trying to lose those extra pounds. I still haven’t had soda in a few days.

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  1. I use that method all the time to join yarn unless it’s different colors of course. I can’t stand the weaving in of ends and I would rather have a few stitches doubled up that no one will notice unless they get out a microscope. Some say I may be lazy – I say I’m just eager to be done at the end. ☺ I’ve “weaved” them in as I knit too, but it seems to me that actually knitting with the old and new yarn would be a stronger join. I have nightmares about ends coming loose.

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