Five inches of mohair

If I ever want to knit something that will never, ever come apart, I will choose mohair. — The Yarn Harlot

As usual, the woman knows what she’s talking about. I have five inches in on the hat now, and it’s so hard to see the actual stitch that sometimes I catch myself about to knit a purl or purl a knit. So far I don’t think I’ve made any lasting mistakes, but even if I did, I think the acres of fuzz would conceal them well. On the whole, my knitting has gotten into a rhythm on this hat, since all I have to do is count to four over and over, move the yarn back and forth, and slide the stitch marker over every 88 stitches.

I’m thinking that if I pet it enough, it could turn into a self-felting yarn. But all kidding aside, at $2.99 a skein (bought in 2006, for the edification of my probation officers) I’m getting my money’s worth of fun experience. And I might end up with exactly the amount of yarn to finish the hat. Why, oh why, do I so delight in tempting fate like this?

Today I’m concentrating on cleaning up the bathroom and clearing off the kitchen counter where I work, so I can actually unzip the new Franklin planner I bought last week, and enter some stuff in it. Then, well, there are these three kids who hang out here all day, and I’m beginning to suspect they need some structure and direction.

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