NDC syndrome

So, well, yesterday I took the big step and went to Staples and…(inhale, exhale)… bought a digital camera. For $100 I got a lot more camera than I thought I could, including a 1 GB memory card.

(I digress here…but as a member of the generation that received as gifts the first home computers, such as the Vic-20 my Dad bought at KMart, of all places, which had 20 K of usable memory [with its optional tape cassette drive], one gigabyte still sounds like a mystical, magical, made-up number, like a zillion, or ginormous.)

Regardless of all that, the little gem says I still have room for 1,246 more pictures on a camera that has the mass of two decks of playing cards.

Here is one of them. Tom asleep

Isn’t technology wonderful? Now, don’t wake the baby!!! (Well, okay, you can click on him if you want to see the whole picture. I’m still figuring out the HP image editing software. But click gently.)

I also took some pictures of things I made out of yarn. More on that later.

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  1. OMG, such a cute cuddly little baby!

  2. i cant help but the baby is still too cute to quit looking at.

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