Dangerously low on chocolate

I’m coming along on the mohair rib hat…I transferred it to the new Quicksilvers and added about an inch to it last night. The cashier at Herrschners recommended that I try Addi Turbos if I really want to get cranking. I’m a slow knitter who doesn’t hold the yarn for tension (it’s hard to describe, but I knit mostly at the fingertips), so I’m not how sure that would actually improve my time. Does anyone have any experience with these needles? I also got impatient with the way the yarn was coming off the skein, so I unwound it and rewound it into a ball.

I want to show it to you. I definitely need a digital camera. I forgot to ask Santa to bring me one.

The kids are starting to miss Daddy. Jack was asking for him last night, and wasn’t buying this “visiting Papa Mike” B.S. I was handing out. (Clever lad.) He hasn’t been napping over the last couple of days, so at least I’ve been able to put him to bed at 8pm and expect to see him awake at 7am.

Tonight is the Cub Scout meeting (knot-tying). I’ll take everyone else to the library then to play in the children’s area. And possibly pick up some Thai food if I can justify it. And tomorrow Mr. Beth/Daddy will be home, bearing bags of Taco John’s.

Oh, yes, the chocolate levels are definitely falling. Yesterday I ate all my mother’s frozen chocolate chip cookies, Alex’s chocolate nut brittle, and the last three Ghiradelli dark chocolate mint squares. I need to make the Scout snack for tonight, but it’s going to be Snickerdoodles. I have just enough chocolate chips left to top a bowl of ice cream.

As they say on Bob & Tom, “Switch to beer! Switch to beer!”

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  1. Hi there Beth,
    Moving hmmm will it be out of state? just so few of us Wisconsin knitters I see on the yarn harlots site hope everything goes well I am laying out with a migraine the speech is no comes easy, will talk to you later……………..Kristy

  2. Found you Via Yarn harlot! Love your blog, can’t wait to see pics (maybe a camera will come soon?).

    Cheers! and Happy New Year. . . maybe it should be “switch to Leinies, switch to Leinies”

  3. Love Herrschner’s warehouse sales are the best! Re: Addi Turbos-yes, superslick, superfast, great for “sticky” yarns like mohair. Points are quite rounded, not sharp. Cheaper alternative, very slick like Addi Turbos, with sharper points (great for lace knitting), are the circular needles from KnitPick-I ordered online. Smaller sizes, which I use to knit socks, are only 4.99 per circular needle. By the way, Addis have a lifetime guarantee. I had the needle come loose from the cord on an Addi circular, and sent it to Skacel & they sent me a new one.

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