The rule around here is, whoever wakes up the baby, has to get the baby back to sleep. And I just laid him down. So read quietly, or you know what you’ll have to do.

Stitch count! Six rounds of La Gran mohair equals….3cm, or about 1.25 inches of hat. But I’m starting to be able to see the 4×4 rib pattern emerging. This is the fluffiest yarn I’ve worked with so far, so it was tough going for me, especially with the initial cast-on. (Not the knitting I would be able to do in a darkened movie theater.) And I’m starting to regret that it’s on metal needles. Maybe I can slide it over to my Quicksilvers at some point….oops, it’s on 7s. Darned if I won’t have to buy some new Quicksilvers since mine are 8s. 😉

That brings me to my current dilemma. When I move, I will no longer be practically around the corner from Herrschners and their wonderful warehouse sales. I will also be prohibitively far from the secret stash of yarn I’ve been collecting from a LYS that shall not be named. There’s about $100 of my special hoardable yarn left there, and I need to figure out how to afford it, buy it, and store it without being detected. They’re not making any more of it, and I don’t know who else has it. But it’s wonderful and I want it all. <Insert Wool-Pig logo here.>

All right, who woke up the baby? I blame the Wool-Pig.

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