The 500 Hats of Elizabeth Dooley

First there was what I shall affectionately call ‘Hat Zero,’ a purple and pink striped beanie knitted without a map, which turned into a sort of yarmulke. (It’s hiding in a box now, awaiting a well-deserved frogging.)

Hat Zero

Then there was ‘Hat One,’ in Packer colors and modeled by my two-year-old on my 2006 projects page. Unfortunately I had intended it to fit adults (which it sort of does if you don’t mind cold ears).

Hat One

Then followed ‘Hat Two,’ another Packer hat, but this time perfectly suited to concealing a square box of tissues.

Hat Two

‘Hat Three’ was knitted in Packer colors again, but with the pattern I had originally wanted to use, a 4×4 rib. It looks like a squashed banana when it’s not on a head. When it’s on a head it’s warm and soft and lovely and stretchy and ear-covering. Everything a hat should be. (It’s Kevin’s now.)

Hat Three

‘Hat Four’ was the same hat, in Badger colors. Bright red with thin white stripes. (It’s Brian’s now.)

‘Hat Five’ continued in this vein, but as it was intended for my father I knitted it in Ohio State colors. Same bright red, but with two thicker grey stripes. (It’s Dad’s now.)

Now I find myself on ‘Hat Six,’ of clearance-sale green mohair from Herrschners. In cast-on order it should be Hat Two. I only have two balls of yarn, which should be enough except I forgot to calculate that the actual “yarn” part of the mohair is fingerling-thin and nowhere near worsted weight. I am going around and around and adding about a millimeter to the length each round. At this rate I will exhaust the yarn long before I hit eleven inches, where the crown begins. If I ever finish it, it will be mine.

And I just remembered ‘Hat Seven,’ which was cast on and finished between Hats Three and Four. This was another Packer hat, but knitted with the green and gold yarns at the same time. Stockinette, so it curled to make a lovely hat also unsuitable for brothers-in-law. (It’s Mrs. Weyenberg’s now.)

‘Hat Eight,’ not yet on the needles, will be another hat from the double-strand stockinette pattern, but in black and white Cozi to match the scarf I knitted for Mom last year.

If you want a hat, you’d better speak up right now, because my fingers are aching to move on.

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  1. Well, at least you kept at it! That’s a heck of a lot of hat production!

    Happy New Year!


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