Surviving the Sickness

It was an eventful trip, to say the least. Everyone seemed to do well with both their giving and receiving…until Thursday, when Colleen demonstrated in graphic physical terms that she’d caught some bug on our travels, possibly (as we determined later) from folks we’d met while in West Virginia. Thursday it was Colleen. Friday night and Saturday morning it was Brendan. Saturday morning and afternoon it was Jack. Sunday it was James’s turn, and then Colleen again.

Somehow, Tommy and I escaped it all….the nausea…the vomiting…the listlessness. Not so lucky was my dad, who manifested his symptoms all day Sunday.

When I picked up the dogs from the kennel this morning I found that The Bug had been here while we were gone, as well…so perhaps there was no escaping it. But at least we are all cleaned up from it now.

Since returning home, I finished the Buckeye hat I started knitting for dad when we were at his house. He sat and watched me knit, asked questions, and was generally riveted to the spectacle of my own hands making something useful out of a long piece of string. When I thought about it, I guess the second of eight boys didn’t spend much time hanging out with his aunts to see them do women’s work. It may have been the first time he wasn’t chased out of the house during knitting or crochet. (He was more into baseball and football anyway.)

This is the first day of Mr. Beth’s new job, two hours away. We won’t see him until Friday night. So far, so good, but I don’t expect all the days will go this smoothly.

Now that the Buckeye hat is done, I have just two projects on the needles: a green mohair hat for myself, and the World’s Scratchiest Socks (Lopi Lite). Both are just barely started, so I will probably be working on them for a while. I could probably get the hat done in a week if I really set my mind to it. The socks….they’re tube socks, but only my first socks, and the yarn is pretty rugged. So we’ll see.

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